I Passed the FBI, IRS, CI and Dept of Energy OIG interviews!


I PASSED the FBI, IRS CI, and Dept. of Energy OIG interviews

Thank you so much for your help with the process! Getting the feedback on my interview question answers was invaluable.

The material that you have for the FBI interview is also spot on, and concentrating on the factors helped immensely.

Even though I was nervous going into each of the interviews, it was not for lack of preparation, and once the interviews started I was comfortable and was able to “be myself” due to feeling thoroughly prepared with your help.

Your advice of “talking to the interviewers as if they are my coworkers” really helped set this very useful mindset.

Thanks again for being so flexible and responsive to my tight interview timeframe.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for LE interview preparation, or general interview preparation as well!




So I gotta admit. After our first interaction, I felt as though I had been suckered. I mean…I had been through the process and you hadn’t.  How could you possibly know any better than I what to expect!! But you stuck with me, despite me thinking I knew what was best, and helped me through my interview.

When I got in the room, I panicked a bit. After the second question…after I got over the fact that I was in an interview and there were three pairs of eyes staring into my soul, I relaxed, listened, thought, and provided a response. Each subsequent question became easier (until I thought I ran out of experiences in which I morphed some of my other answers).


I can’t thank you again for sticking with me.  You helped to ground me and keep me

I’ve already referred you to a couple colleagues here in my office as well as a few people I met there who didn’t pass this time around. I am sure they will all be in touch.


Need help? Contact me: http://www.fbiinterviewcoach.com/contact.php



From WOMEN who have just passed Phase II. (I have one woman client for every 25 men )

THANK YOU so much for your time, insights, and patience working with me and through my stories. I am very glad to have followed my instincts and preparing for this test with you. You brought a lot of value to this experience and to my successful outcome. You also instilled much needed confidence in me through giving me your objective evaluation of my personality, the pros and cons of my background and professional skills. It helped me to adjust and show the side of me that the agency was looking for.



Hi Carole!

I just wanted to let you know that I passed Phase 2. Thank you for your help and for making sure I focused on them getting to know the real me.

I passed my fitness test yesterday and will start the background process shortly.

Thanks again 🙂




I wanted to send you a message. I’m not sure if you remember me, you helped me prepare for my 2016 panel interview for the Intelligence Analyst position with the FBI.

I just wanted to let you know that I just graduated from Quantico, and am currently at my new field office. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much again!!

I truly don’t think I would have passed without you. I’m hoping to go for Special Agent in a few years, and I would love to work with you again if the time comes!


Phase 3


I’m very happy to report that I have passed Phase 3! Thank you so much for all of your help!




Good evening Carole, I just wanted to share the great news I received today. I passed my Phase II interview and written exam! I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your help throughout the process. From telling my stories out loud during our phone conferences, showing me how to morph my stories and think of them on wheels, to reminding me over and over again to be myself–I entered and exited that interview with confidence. Your guidance was invaluable and I would encourage anyone preparing for Phase II to use your services.

Thank you again!!


Hi Carole
I arrived in D.C. 10 minutes ago and I report to New Agent Training on Sunday. I’m glad that my referral found you – I was happy to send another female your way 🙂

Thank you again for the much needed support and confidence you instilled in me!






There are 2.1 million employees total and the government hired a total of 174,311 in 2017, even with the Hiring Freeze for almost three months!

FED JOB SHUTDOWN SUMMARY:  I just recommend that you be patient, continue all your positive thinking about your career goals with the US Government, and wait and see what’s next.



I’ve heard that an applicant might only have a two week window from the time they are invited to Phase 2 to their actual Phase 2 test. Do you think two weeks is enough time to complete your training course and be adequately prepared for Phase 2? That’s my main concern.

From past experience with my clients – once it starts up, it will move fast. It is in your best interest to continue to prepare – at least the basics so that you are not caught off-guard.


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